Finding The Courage To Start


There’s something in everybody that tells them they could be so good at something and have so much fun if only they would just gather themselves up and do it, but people suppress this feeling every day. Why is this? Oftentimes people have a passion or excelling talent for something, but can’t seem to follow through with it. Not because they don’t know how, or don’t have the motivation, but more because the fear of failure is too discouraging to even try. People have so much potential, but every day more time goes past with that potential not being used. I’m here to give reasons why it’s important to start new things and how to find the courage to do so.

Ever since I was a kid I found joy in looking for new opportunities – sometimes they worked and sometimes they didn’t. Finding happiness isn’t always about the destination, but the experience of trying, failing, and learning from it. After all, the destination is never as impactful as the journey it took to get there. Then, after all that hard work, there’s nothing more satisfying than reaching a goal and looking back on all the hard work you did to get to where you are.

This leads to the first thing we need to get started on a new beginning – motivation. It’s great to have a vision of what you want, but if you’re not excited and optimistic about starting and where it can lead, then there’s no way anyone could find the energy to put in the required effort, or overcome any obstacles that come with it. To hope to achieve great success, one must be willing to step out of their comfort zone to reach it.

The easiest way to do this is to set appropriate goals to mark progress and encourage yourself to keep going. These goals need to be realistic because there’s nothing more demotivating than missing goals by a landslide. For example, a person trying to learn basketball can’t expect to be playing like a legend after a few weeks of picking it up. Without a proper goal in mind, the process becomes less like a drive forwards and more like grabbing for straws. It’s always nice to get lucky and be good at something right away but the luck you create for yourself is always more rewarding.

Our next reason is setting an ideal endpoint. Different from a goal, this is like a role model to base your skills from. Personally, I wanted to learn guitar when I was little and it was super easy to turn on the radio and listen to so many extremely talented artists. It was easy to be inspired, and each time I was back at it trying to get better in a heartbeat. Now so many years later it has become a big part of my life and something to turn to, all stemming from that one moment that I decided to begin.

You can always decide not to do something but it only takes one time to get started and change your life for the better. In the end, if the process wasn’t what was expected, there’s never any shame in moving on to something new. Now that experience will help with decisions in the future. Keep a positive mindset, always be looking for ways to improve, and anything is possible.

Article by Keaten Vale
IG : @keaten.vale