Fun Facts About Your Body


By Meli Perron

Fun Fact #1

Just like your fingerprints, your tongue has a unique print as well! You can be identified using your tongue, although it is easier using fingerprints.

Fun Fact #2

As a baby, you have over 60 more bones than a full grown adult! The extra bones eventually fuse together to form one.

Fun Fact #3

Your nose and ears never stop growing! Eventually your body parts hit a certain shape/size and finish growing shortly after puberty, your ears and your nose are not one of these.

Fun Fact #4

The smallest bone in your body is located in your ear! This bone is called the stapes and helps to transmit sound vibrations throughout your ear.

Fun Fact #5

Whenever you sneeze the air coming out of your mouth can go as fast as 160 km/h! Here’s a reference; on the highway your car (is supposed to) only go 110 km/h, meaning your sneeze is faster than cars on the highway.

Fun Fact #6

Humans are the only animals that cry tears when they are upset! Although it may look like your pets have tears in their eyes, it might just be something as simple as allergies or blocked tear ducts.

Fun Fact #7

The biggest organ of the human body is the skin! I know you wouldn’t think that the skin is an organ, but it does qualify as one and can be as big as about 2 square feet on the average body.

Fun Fact #8

You only need one kidney to survive! Your second kidney is only there as a backup, just in case something happens to one.

Fun Fact #9

When you crack your knuckles, the sound you hear is from gas bubbles bursting! The bubbles pop when you pull your bones apart or back. Regardless of the countless rumours your parents might tell you, cracking your knuckles is neither beneficial nor harmful.

Fun Fact #10

Your left lung is about 10% smaller than your right lung! This is because on the left side of your chest is where your heart is therefore it needs more room.