Hair Care Tips by Bekah


Bekah is a stylist at Janet + Janes Medspa + Hair Studio. She started hairstyling and esthetics because she loves to help people feel uplifted and beautiful in their own skin. In her work, she is always learning, honing her skills, and trying new things. So she is excited to have this opportunity to share what she has learned with you!

Hey everyone, in this issue I’m going to be talking about healthy hair lifestyle!

Something that I help a lot of girls with, is finding a way for them to grow long, healthy, shiny hair.

I mean, seriously; who doesn’t want that?

Most of the time it’s our habits that cause issue, and it can feel like our hair isn’t growing at all.

What a lot of girls don’t realize, is that having those luscious Rapunzel-like locks is often less about what yo mama gave ya, and more about your daily lifestyle and care habits.

Here are 4 things you can start today, to put you on track to getting the flow of your dreams; read on, Rapunzel…

Take your vitamins

This may come as a bit of a surprise as it doesn’t involve you doing anything directly to your hair, but taking quality multi-vitamins can be very beneficial to hair growth. If your body is deficient in any kind of vitamins or minerals, one of the first areas to feel the effects is your hair, skin and nails. Thinning hair, dry skin, and brittle nails are common signs that your body is potentially lacking something important.

As a guideline, I recommend taking a multivitamin as well as Omega Fatty Acids and Biotin. Natural, organic plant concentrates, highly purified vitamins and minerals are usually higher priced than your average drug store brands, but are superior in quality and will yield better results.

Use the right products

I would recommend seeking a professional’s help to find products that will match your hair’s specific needs (depending on whether you’re fighting dry hair, oily hair, split ends, frizzy hair, etc.)

There’s a huge variety of different hair types and needs out there, so don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a good stylist – they go to school for this.

Using the right products can make your hair grow stronger and faster than you ever thought possible, so take the time to find what’s right for you and your lifestyle.

Limit damage

Try to limit the amount of heat-styling you do. We all love how curling irons and straighteners can make our hair look, but these tools can be very damaging if used too often.

Try finding some fun hairstyles that don’t

require any heat: get creative with braids or try some fun up-dos. YouTube and Pinterest are full of new and trendy ideas for heatless hairstyles, and a quick search is sure to give you fun ways to embrace a heatless routine.

Using silk pillow cases and scrunchies are another great way of reducing friction and damage, making for a healthier hair lifestyle.

Avoid environmental damage

Not many people consider this very often, and even fewer take steps to avoid it.

The most common cases in point are; too much exposure to sun and wind; low humidity climates, such as really cold winters; and chemicals/minerals in water.

Here are some healthy habit ideas to implement:

* Try wearing a hat on sunny days.

* Tie or braid your hair back when it’s windy.

* Get a humidifier for your bedroom/home if your winters are especially harsh (your skin will thank you too!)

* Limit the amount of time you spend in pools with a lot of chemicals

* Water softeners or filtration systems can help a lot if your tap water is full of minerals.

Lastly, if you are unable to avoid any of these potentially damaging situations, use quality heat and sun protective products and leave-in conditioners.