Interview with k.d. Lang


(SML) what is the top thing on your bucket list?   

To attain enlightenment.

(SML) what are 3 ways you practice gratitude?

I try to be aware of other people’s generosity, and constantly try to pay it back or forward. I try to do the kindest thing possible at every given moment.  And it’s not always easy, but I try to figure out how to respond in the kindest way possible.

(SML) what simple pleasures of life do you truly enjoy?

Beautiful perfect weather – when it’s not too hot! The sun, and nature. Water – both drinkable and swimmable. And good quality air.

(SML) what movie/tv show makes you laugh no matter how challenging your day was?

At the moment, Kim’s Convenience.

(SML) what is your favourite comfort food?

 Toast – unfortunately for me it has to be gluten free!

(SML) what are your tricks for turning a bad day around?

 A nap, a treat, a call to a close friend, a walk. Or I just be in a bad mood and lean into it!

(SML) what’s your biggest pet peeve?

 Hatred and hypocrisy.

(SML) what advice do you have for teens who don’t feel accepted?

 Embrace it and work it! Use it as your biggest asset!

(SML) if you could have a super power, what would you choose? why?

 Omniscience because I think it would give me a better capacity of having compassion. If I understood what people were going through and understood the circumstances of why they were who they truly were, I would probably have more compassion.

(SML) what advice would you give your 16 year old self?

 Know the difference between selfishness and confidence.