Kindly Kalli


Hi, I’ve been feeling really lonely lately and I have no idea how to deal with it. I feel like I don’t have very many friends and I’m not sure what to do?

You are not alone, there are many people who feel lonely from time to time and others who feel lonely all the time! There are a few different ways to deal with feeling lonely, but personally I find the best way is to try to surround yourself with people who you love and who you enjoy spending time with.

It is also very helpful to keep yourself occupied, this can keep you busy and distract you from feeling too lonely.  I understand that you feel as if you don’t have many friends and there are a few things you can do to feel differently.

You can try to contact old friends and rekindle a relationship, you could try making new friends by joining clubs or attending social gatherings or you could chat with people online! It is important to remember too, that if you’re lonely and feel like you don’t have any friends, you can always spend time with family and ask support from them as well. It is also important to note that feeling lonely from time to time is okay and totally normal, but if you feel like it has been going on for a very long period of time, it might be best to seek help from a trusted adult who can help find you the proper care you need.

Hey! I can’t ever sleep and basically stay up all night. I think with the coronavirus and the whole pandemic my sleep has been off. I feel so tired and have no energy on a daily basis. What do I do?

In crazy times like this, people react differently to this type of stress, so what you’re feeling is totally normal and there are so many others who feel the same way as you! I think the first thing you have to do, to solve your sleeping difficulty is to find what is keeping you up.

You said that it started with the coronavirus and the pandemic, which leads me to think that either you are very stressed about the pandemic when you are trying to sleep or that since we’ve been stuck at home you have just started some bad sleeping habits!

If you do find yourself in the scenario when you’re lying in bed trying to sleep and you can’t seem to shut off your worrying mind, it may help you to try deep breathing and listening to calming music or sounds. This may help you relax and possibly forget about your worries, which could help you fall asleep faster!

If you think that maybe you have developed some bad sleeping habits and that is the cause of your exhaustion and difficulty sleeping, you may find it helpful to make a sleeping schedule. If you take a couple weeks where you put yourself in bed at 10 and stay in bed till 9, it may help you get back to a regular schedule and increase your energy levels! Whatever you decide to do, make sure you find a way to get some sleep, because sleep is so important and it’s not healthy to have no energy everyday!

So ever since quarantine I haven’t seen my friends in a really long time and I feel super disconnected to them. I am starting to have social anxieties and as much as I want to spend time with them I’m really scared.

I completely understand what you are going through, it can be so hard to reconnect with even your closest friends after not seeing them for months! It is really important to remember that it is not just you who hasn’t seen your friends, everyone is in the same boat and probably shares the same worries as you too.

I understand that you want to spend time with them, but you feel a little anxious and scared, those feelings are normal and to be expected after long periods of isolation.  If you feel like seeing your friends in person is too much to start, you could always ask if they would do a Group FaceTime call, where you guys can start to reconnect! I am sure that once you guys get talking it will feel like the last few months without each other didn’t even happen and your worries will disappear. If you start to feel comfortable, it may benefit you to see your friends in person, so you can practice regular social interactions that you have been missing these last few months. It’s important to remember that we are allowed to see our friends, and it is completely safe to do so if you remain 6 feet apart and spend time outside. It may be fun to have an outdoor campfire, or bring your own food picnic or even backyard camping with your friends.