Inspiring Teens!

By sophia lia

92 pages, published 7/30/2020

sophia lia mag is a magazine that focuses on teen mental health. It’s a safe place where teens, role models, mentors, and celebrities come together driven by the same goal of improving teen’s mental heath to share stories and advice. Everyone is welcome to share their struggles and their victories in order to make someone else’s life just that much better!

*** All profits made from the debut magazine will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation.


Driven by the life experiences of teens, role models, mentors and celebrities alike, Sophia Lia Mag is dedicated to the betterment of teen mental health through the nurturing of physical, mental and emotional self.

It is real. It is raw. It is our truth.

Our mission is to provide a safe community that is free from judgement and prejudice, so that teens may share their stories, experiences, struggles and victories.

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