notOK app


(SML) What inspired you to start the company in the first place?

  • Hannah :  I started notOK after being diagnosed with a chronic illness and surviving a suicide attempt.

(SML) Can you describe your team in one word?

  • Immaculate

(SML) How long did it take you to develop the app?

  • 9 months

(SML) To this day, how many people have downloaded the notOK app?

  • Over 100,000 downloads so far

(SML) What is your vision for the company’s future?

  • Hannah : My vision is for notOK to become more than an app, but a movement.

(SML) Through your mental health journey, what have you learned that could help teenagers out?

  • The only way to get help, is to ask for it. No one can read your mind and your friends are there to help you.

(SML) What is your favourite quote?

  • A phoenix first must burn.

(SML) What do you do on a bad day when you are not feeling like yourself?

  • I try to focus on my self care on bad days. That includes gardening, cooking, hair care, face care, or even journaling.

(SML) What’s your definition of happiness?

  • Happiness is when I feel pure joy without concern of anything else around me.

(SML) Is there anything that you would like to add?

  •  Remember, it’s always ok to be notOK.