Sophia LOVES


This jumpsuit is one of my new favourite clothing items! It’s super trendy and in style right now, yet it has that uniqueness to it. Not to mention that it is affordable, fits really well and feels great against my skin. I have super sensitive skin, so any rough or patterned materials tend to feel itchy, which is why I love it so much!

I got mine from Bronzed Ivy, an online store that has very unique and original clothing at a very affordable price. Be sure to check it out at!

My main hair necessity after shampooing and conditioning my hair is topping it off with the Neuma revitalizing hair mask!

Especially during winter, my hair gets so dry and the texture feels horrible, and this seems to be the only thing that controls it. On top of all the benefits, it smells absolutely amazing! The scent is bubble gum so your hair truly smells like heaven after using the mask.


This lip balm has sun protection so it’s really useful during those hot summer days. My lips get dry and cracked yearound, so having a go-to lip balm is essential for me! I love the fact that it’s unscented as well.  You can purchase this online or if you live in Central Alberta, Janet + Janes Medspa carries it!



I’ve been using several Eleven products for a few months now, and have been really impressed with how it leaves my hair. My hair usually tangles fast, gets dry and can sometimes feels rough, but Eleven products really help keep it hydrated and improve its texture. You can find these in several salons with it’s growing popularity!

eminence stone crop moist moisturizer


Being someone with sensitive skin, it’s not always easy to find good products that don’t make me itch or breakout. Eminence is completely organic, and has such a cooling and refreshing feel on your face. It has a mild peppermint scent as well which just ties everything together.

Love it!